“We knew that Salesforce was the solution we needed to create Vindis 360 – the complete view of our customers. Automotive Cloud delivers the Driver 360 and the  Vehicle 360 as well, allowing us to personalise our messaging and deliver the new customers journeys they need”  

Peter Toop 
Group Sales & Marketing Director

“We are delighted that Vindis have so quickly understood the benefits that Automotive Cloud can bring to transform their business.  Working with Feasa their Automotive Salesforce implementation partner and the whole Salesforce team they have achieved an amazing milestone” 

Matthew Simpkins
Salesforce Regional Vice President | UKI & EMEA
Industry Adviser Automotive|Manufacturing|Energy


Vindis have always been at the forefront of delivering value to their customers through creating seamless customer journeys. They recognised that choosing the right platform to create one view of the customer and vehicles was critical to delivering their vision of Vindis 360.

Vindis identified key goals around improving customer touchpoints, transparency around marketing spend, GDPR compliance and improving Data Quality. 

Vindis needed a solution that could be agile, flexible and would be continually delivering new innovations to move their business forward. 

Vindis wanted to review their whole landscape and make sure that they could remove manual rekeying and streamline as many processes as possible.


Feasa were selected to deliver on the Digital Future of Vindis 360, combining offline and online. Feasa’s knowledge of the Automotive sector working across Retailers, OEMS, Finance, Leasing and software vendors made them the right choice. 

“The whole Vindis team are so passionate about delivering for their customers.  Through their core values this pioneering mindset was the foundation for the Vindis and Feasa teams coming together to create the Vindis 360

The solution was curated in partnership with the Automotive Cloud team at Salesforce, specifically Matthew Simpkins and James Lloyd as a way to demonstrate the future of automotive retail for Vindis, and as a beacon for the wider  Industry” 

Drew Tyrrell : Director at Feasa

3 Months

Core Sales & Marketing Cloud delivered in 3 months and then fully upgraded to get all the benefits of Automotive Cloud


Reduction in the time taken to create new marketing campaign