Who Is Feasa

Salesforce Partner

Feasa is an official Salesforce Partner, they even sent us merch so we can look the part but more importantly, it makes us trusted. Not just to Salesforce, or the Manufacturers using it, but the Retailers and IT Partners they have in place.

Knowing that we can quickly and cost effectively integrate your existing DMS, or your Diary Management CRM into Salesforce with our existing connections is comforting.

Move Forward

Feasa is an IT Consultancy delivering Automotive IT Solutions and Services across Europe for over 20 years. From building leading Remarketing Systems and Salesforce consulting to supporting world class Retailers on their Digital Transformation journeys.

Create Solutions

We support Retailers, Manufactures and Partners across the Automotive sector with a focus on IT Systems, services and developing and delivering their Digital Strategies in a connected way so save time, money and unnecessary waste

Build Once

We believe in building once and reusing these products in a way we can scale your business. Doing this saves time and resources and ultimately brings down costs for both retailers and consumers. Our API services for example are all built on Amazons Web Services (AWS).