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GetAUTO was built to connect the Automotive sector straight into Salesforce Ecosystem. With the changing market needs to get the best from Salesforce you need it to be able to integrate to all of your existing systems.  

From AutoTrader, AutoProtect, MOT and DMS Systems like Keyloop we are creating Adaptors that link straight into Salesforce through our GetAUTO Native App.

Some Examples...

AutoTrader: Choose how you want to handle enquiries. First you choose if you want to search for them as they may be an existing customer then configure the next action if you find the customer perhaps you want to create an opportunity for that existing customer. If you don’t find them then perhaps create a new account, with an opportunity.

MOT: Drop the MOT lookup function on to any page and straight away you can look up all of the details for every vehicle.  The service returns All of the standard vehicle details, MOT Information Detail breakdown of Advisories and Mileages for every MOT.

All of our Adaptors are secure end to end and business activity monitoring is provided within your salesforce ORG

Core Adaptors will always be updated, so if the Partner changes the API’s  we will update to ensure that the service is always supported.

We are currently expanding our range of Adaptors please get in touch as we are keen to feedback on what dealers need.

How will all this help our Retailers? 

With Up to Date information, your sales teams, Marketing Department and Managers alike can all make better decisions for your business and your customers. 

If you connect to a CRM like Salesforce or Enquiry Max for example, you can also use this data to create tasks, events and even automate communications out to your teams and customers. 

How many API's will we need?

We build API’s, reusable ones where we can so the costs can be reduced for all our customers. We use a fully scalable service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) so your API’s can grow with your business with no interruptions.

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