Salesforce is a strategic relationship for CitNOW Group. Feasa helped us to align to the Salesforce landscape and deliver CitNOW Sales to our customers via the Salesforce AppExchange.


CitNOW is the world leader in personalised video communication for the Automotive Industry, with over 10,000 dealer installations. 


CitNOW wanted to ensure that their customers who use Salesforce could get the maximum benefit by integrating CitNOW Sales into the Salesforce ecosystem.


Setting up pilots with selected customers as quickly as possible was one of the key priorities to gain feedback to enhance and improve the capabilities of the integration.


Feasa ran workshops with the CitNOW senior business team to go through the whole Salesforce ecosystem.


Working with the senior team,  Feasa developed a product roadmap and mobilised an agile development team to create the CitNOW Sales Salesforce App working closely with the CitNOW development team.


Feasa delivered the ongoing technical resources to continually enhance the solution and respond to customer needs.

Three Months

To get the solution into pilot with the first dealer group