Renault UK

Renault were looking for a new, innovative used car programme. They felt that the services offered across the automotive industry were all too similar, and failed to offer a real difference for either their dealers or customers. While working for 2nd Byte we set about helping to define what become Renault To Go (RTG).

After several months consultation and development, the RTG service became the first integrated online solution whereby the manufacturer could promote their vehicles to both their dealer network and retail customers at the same time, linked in with the finance and logistics partners.

It became a fully e-commerce enabled application, giving the ability to reserve vehicles, automatically place them on Renault Finance plans and remotely produce sales material. This involved an integrated systems approach, working in close collaboration with both the Renault IS team, Logistics systems, DMS providers and other agencies.
The RTG service was successfully launched to the dealers in a national roadshow, with Renault promoting a range of new services to the dealers which was independently adopted by the entire Renault network. This led to:

o     Almost immediate sales promotion of all vehicles, reducing time to sale
o     Lower cost of sale to Renault as they moved to online rather than physical sales channels
o     Automatic dispatch of vehicles purchased online
o     Wider choice of vehicles for the consumer at all Renault dealers