Jaguar and Land Rover

While working for 2nd Byte we have provided services to Jaguar and Land Rover and their dealer network. This started in 1997 with a fax based trading service for overage or unwanted stock, and following a successful national dealer roadshow their Used Car Locator service was launched.

Under the guidance of Drew Tyrrell this site delivered leading functionality, including specific option searches (highly important in high-end vehicles), automatically generated vehicle images (ensuring every vehicle has a picture immediately it goes online), and accurate details from the vehicle chassis number on exact specification (minimising data required from the dealer).

This involved considerable mapping and interpretation of vehicle data, with the client service team ensuring that all specification was called what Jaguar wanted, and not a generic title. This service was the adapted for Land Rover’s use and successfully launched to their network.

This then led to the development of a complete network dealer website solution, enabling all dealers to take advantage of a low costs service, backed by and linked to the manufacturer and including a wide range of added value areas.