1Whist a customer could go online and find available used vehicles from their local dealer, they could not look at potential options for the car and see the costs associated with this.

While at 2nd Byte, a system was developed that allowed an online customer to select their car, review the options available for it and see exactly what they would cost to fit at their chosen dealer.

This involved the mapping of all dealer labour rates, which could be updated by each dealer, to accessory’s applicable to each car. Images of all the accessory’s were required, both stand alone and fitted to the car. This also required knowledge of vehicle model years, to ensure the correct fitting time and accessory was suggested. The customer could then complete the purchase online, with a request to their chosen dealer to fit. This led to:

o     Renewed focus in dealer of accessory sales

o     Improved accessory sales across models

o     The ability to promote specific accessory’s online with a fitted price